Improving Website – Week 1 – Defining goals

I must start by introducing myself. My name is Ronan Cashell and I am the owner of IT Integrated Business Solutions. I have worked in IT for over 20 years and during this time worked for several Fortune 500 companies. I started my own IT business in 2006. My area of expertise is both databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite) as well as UNIX (HPUX, AIX, Sun Solaris) and Linux (SuSE and RHEL). I started assisting in various forums and decided to use the topics to write posts which completely answer the questions which were being posed in the forums. Over time I have built up over 100 posts on various technical issues and how these could be resolved.

After years of writing posts about technical issues, I have built up a very small following. I am not sure whether this is due to the material that I write about, though with slightly over 2,000 views a month (over 90{5693c7f75373adf9a72caa0089a697f619d7b8f06445b31b97ef167ac97d654d} directly through Google search) and the length of time people spend on the pages (when data is available) suggests that the material is useful. I had limited to time to review comments at the start I had decided to remove this feature. I will assess on a week by week basis features that might improve the website from search engine optimisation to making proper use of share buttons, to focussing on social media.

My goal is to go from a zero followers to have 1,000 real followers on (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) in 50 weeks. I use the term “real” to exclude family members (and extended family) that have little interest in the material which I produce. I also want to have over 10,000 views of my material on a monthly basis.

First let’s start by looking at the statistics which is provided by Google Analytics to see what is considered useful for our measures. This may change over time as we learn what to look based on the changes that we make to the website.

To start with we will focus on what Google Analytics provides on its Overview page.

Week 1 - Analytics Overview
Week 1 – Analytics Overview

Interpretation and understanding of what the data represents is important and we will deal with this over the coming weeks.

My initial focus is to use the Pageviews and to get these above 10,000 on a monthly basis. Join me on my journey from 0 to building a good following on my technical material.