Database Migration

Migrating an application from one database to another is a complex task that we have performed numerous times. We have identified key areas that must be addressed prior to starting a project. A typical migration requires:

  • Application conversion to work against the new database.
  • Migrate the data from one database to another.
  • Redesign of the application when features are being used that do not exist on the new database.
  • Identify key performance measures

Each of these key areas leads to further complexities, for instance, data migration. If the system has large volumes of data and the system should be available 24×7, a strategy must be identified that will transfer the data and failover the application to the new database server with minimum downtime. Too often IT staff are overly optimistic and fail to identify risks and manage those risks. Our specialists have performed data migrations and application migrations on small to very large projects and know the risk areas and how these should be managed.

Migrations requires expert in different areas, database adminstrators, database developers and project managers. We provide all of these and will make any migration a success.