Data Security

The following question is extremely important for you and your business. How secure is my data?

Data security has many different meanings. For instance, in a typical database application which is available online, how is data sent or received to/from the clients PC? This is one meaning of data security. Another meaning of security is how does the application that I use behave? Do I have access to information that I am entitled to view? Could I use other forms and see more information? Databases, how do they store their information? Or should someone remove all records do I have the means of getting this information back? What about legal aspects of data i.e. “data protection”?

At a high level, data security encompasses:

  • Data transmission
  • Application
  • Databases
  • Legal

The purpose of this document is to provide some “food for thought” which hopefully will help in designing your solutions prior to developing secure and safe applications for you and your business.


In a global workplace, the securization of data transmission has become more and more important. Transmission security is the capability of sending data across a network so that only the sender and recipient are able to read the data. The data sent by the sender and received by the recipient must be identical. This implies that nothing has been altered during transmission. Encryption is used to keep the data from being read by anyone that may intercept the data. There are many different types of encryption. So determining which type is right for you is dependent on the sensitivity of the data being transmitted.

The Internet is a great asset to global communications but is also a medium that should not be trusted. Data communicated unencrypted can be read as it bounces around the Internet to or from its destination. This becomes extremely important as Internet based applications are effectively putting entire databases online. Ensuring the correct levels of data transmission reduces the risk of sensitive data being read and used.

IT Integrated Business Solutions have experts in the securing data transmission to and fromyour databases, securizing your data and your business. We provide solutions based on the sensitivity of the data and your budget.