Our Clients

We have numerous clients around the world using our services, from Asia Pacific, Europe right through to the US.

Niche Group, Florida, USA
Niche Group is a leader in software development for the direct sales industry. Their award winning solution inPowerSuite is used by many of the leading direct sales companies. Niche Group also is a member of the direct sales association of both the US and Europe.
Touchstone Crystal, Rhode Island, USA
Touchstone Crystal is a leader in party plan direct sales offering quality and stylish jewelery. They are also a member of the Swarovski Group.

Leaders in database technologies and solutions
Netsure Telecom/Oracle, Ireland
Netsure Telecom/Oracle provide telecommunications network analysis systems, enabling telecommunications providers to structure, analyze and plan reorganizations in their networks.

Belgacom Mobile, Brussels, Belgium
Belgacom Mobile is Belgium’s largest mobile telecommunications operator.
Agrafacts, Brussels, Belgium
Agrafacts is a weekly publication on European Legislation in relation to Agriculture. They have a huge distribution throughout the world.
Mortgage People, New Zealand
Mortgage People have helped thousands of Kiwis get their home loan mortgages for over 20 years. They arrange new home loans, home loan refinance, personal bank loans, finance for business, insurance and KiwiSaver. They work with major New Zealand banks, alternative lending institutes and all major insurance companies providing access to the best products and services available in the market for their clients.
Professional Nursing Agency, Australia
This Agency is a major supplier of staff for all the major Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Canberra. This is mainly due to the staff’s level of training, reliability, aptitude, professionalism, dependability and ability to put clients needs as paramount.
Felton Industries - specialists in aluminum seating and furniture
Felton Industries, Australia
Felton Industries has been servicing Australia’s outdoor seating requirements for more than 20 years, producing high standard and high quality products that will last and withstand the Australian climate.