Our focus is to provide expert help in a cost effective way. That is why we have come up with a flexible pricing model which allows you to access our experts on demand basis. Yearly or monthly support agreements are possible but we also offer flexibility by offering experts on a daily or an incident basis.

Imagine you need to recover a corrupted database but lack the in-house skills to do so, what do you do? What about the overall performance of your database is slow but your IT staff neither have the time nor the skills to be able to help solve this. We provide the specialists you need when you need them and for as long as you need them.

We also work with non-profit organizations offering 35% on our rates. See that table below for our hourly rates. For longer term assignments contact us for a proposal:

Database Administrator € 65 per hour
Database Performance Expert € 65 per hour
Database Developer € 55 per hour
Database Analyst € 65 per hour
Database Recovery (hard disk failure and/or corrupted database) € 75 per hour
Web Developer HTML/CSS € 55 per hour
Web Developer User Experience (UX) € 65 per hour
Technical Project Management € 65 per hour
Systems architect € 65 per hour