Database Services

Worried about costs, worried about budgets, worried about maintaining your high levels of support, worried about future projects involving databases.

IT Integrated Business Solutions offers a range of database services targeting your business needs at cost effective prices. Our services target common issues:

  • Database monitoring – proactively monitor your databases, making sure that you find and solve the problems before they become major issues.
  • Database security auditing/consultancy – how safe is your data? Who should be able to see what? Who should be able to change or delete what? What is the best way to structure the database giving the security our business needs? Does your competition have access to your data?
  • Backup and data recovery – do you have a plan if your database crashes? How many ways can you lose data? How long can you live without your data? Can you live without the data?
  • Database design, development and consultancy – can you develop applications using databases? Can the design cater for future enhancements?Are you using all the features available in the database to speed up development?
  • Performance tuning – do you find that your applications are getting slower and slower? What one took seconds now takes minutes and it is getting worse.
  • Database Servers Infrastructure – are you getting the most out of your hardware? Could small changes have big impacts?

IT Integrated Business Solutions is a dynamic company with over 15 years of experience in working with the leading edge database technologies. We recognize the importance of databases in business and making sure that you have the right data at the right time to make the right decisions is key to your success. Databases are central in all businesses, their importance only fully realized when they are no longer available and our services focus on making sure that this does not happen: availability, performance, data security, data recovery and database design planning for both today’s and tomorrow’s business needs.